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We're evolving and so should our apps.


Standalone apps are prohibitively expensive and time consuming to build. They're also annoying to download for users. 

Rambl solves all these problems by providing an alternative to developing a standalone app: an AppSite within Rambl. AppSites are free; take minutes (not months) to build; they don't require any expertise; and our ever growing menu of features is at your fingertips.


We know that quality content hinges on thoughtful creation, which often takes more than a micro-expression. That's why with Rambl you can post long-form multimedia content that you can fully customise and organise the way you want.


We also know that what we read, listen to and watch, impacts our thoughts, our decisions and how we project ourselves into this world.

With that in mind, our business model is ad-free, so we don't mine your data and we don't use click-baiting algorithms. The customers we serve are the people who use our platform, not advertisers.


As a creator, we believe that you – not hidden algorithms – should be in control of your earnings. You get paid every time you sell a post or a subscription, less standard transaction fees to Apple and a 5% fee to Rambl. It's that simple and it's a great deal compared to the cost of building and marketing a standalone app.


Join Rambl and let's promote knowledge and general joy, together.

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